Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

If you are looking for free proxy server, it is essential to make sure whether it is java installed or not. Be careful for sharing your personal information.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Dos and Don'ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Free Proxy Servers are widely used for unidentified browsing. Most ordinary procedure of free proxy server is to go around the college/office or different other place’s security limitations and receive open sites. However, it is important that you use proxy servers with required caution. In case, you used it without any safety measures, it would outcome in great loss as compared to benefit of browsing the internet anonymously. Normally, there are two different ways through which you can cover your identity means your IP address when surfing the internet. First and the most economical method are to use free proxy server.

There are different windows and linux proxy websites present on the internet and lets you to use the services completely free of charge. One more choice for hiding your identity is to follow up paid software. The IP hiding software modifies your IP address incessantly to let you browse internet secretly.

However, there are different other things as well that you should consider before using free proxy servers.

  • be careful for your security

Do not provide out any sensitive information including your login details or credit card password while using various proxy servers since you are using free proxy server, all the details that you offer on any website is first drive to free proxy server and after that to the site server. Thus, all the details go through the free proxy server can be unencrypted, revealing your sensitive information for possible misuse.

On the other hand, paid software is good choice when it’s come to security. There systems are planned to conceal your IP and then discard all your details without any human participation.

  • Constancy and Availability

There are numerous free proxy server sites but numbers of them are not stable and are not accessible every time you stop them. This main difficulty is not extremely major with paid software.

  • Speed of Browsing

If you are using any of the proxy servers in order to hide your IP, you can think the slow speed of browsing immediately. Though, there are various good sites accessible for anonymous browsing but for a user, they are awfully difficult to discover. Also, speed is not fixed; it complete depends on load on their servers. On the other hand, paid software for trouncing IP are good choice in order to find better browsing speed.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers

Since they charge for their services, they make sure that the user experience is quite good and you do not find slow speed while browsing the World Wide Web through their software.

* Dos and Don’ts of Using Free Proxy Servers


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